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主题与插件的下载能正常使用,但在后台更新主题时,出现:cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10010 milliseconds







Updating themes in admin-page, show an error: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10010 milliseconds, even though the download functions are available to themes and plugins.

Using FTP, open the folder in wordpress installation position:


To update a theme, rename the older theme, and move the newer one to this folder.

To upload a theme, moving the theme to this folder is the whole process.

Because the FTP server of mine supports one-file-upload only, and the upload funtions of phpstorm is very slow, it is to hard for me to using ftp to upload theme. Thankfully, there are an upzip-functions to upzip the zip file, so, the problem are solved.

In the other word, if the FTP server support one-file-upload merely, you can try to find an upzip-function to solve the problem.

Besides, there is also a cumbersome method: Open the admin-page, and using theme-editor to replace the file content. But it seems haven\’t a function to add a new file, your should add the missing file to the theme folder.

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